Who Is gomer?

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Who is that Gomer Guy??????????????

Well that Gomer Guy be ME!!!!!!!!

I live in Mt. Vernon, ME., with my wife of 30 years. Dogeye is her Camp Name. We have been doing Living History for 14 years now.  You will find, as you explore The Cave, that I have a strange sense of humor. I believe that having fun in whatever you do is a good thing. I was a total pilgrim when I met The Ancient Ones. Since then, I have been heavily involved with the club (and have enjoyed most of it, too)!!!!!!! I am a past Booshway of The Ancient Ones, and of The Northeastern Primitive Rendezvous in 1998.

I enjoy running this website and I hope you find it fun, too.

Now you know who Gomer is!!!!!!!!!!!

 In the summer of 1992, I went to downtown Mt. Vernon - up behind the Library - and saw a site I will never forget. There in the field was a group of people that looked, smelled, and acted like they had been there for a 150 years.
 I was walking through the Living History Encampment of a group called The Ancient Ones.
This bunch of people had a love for the outdoors, a fondness for the Old Ways, and appreciation for history itself!  The Ancient Ones have rendezvous (or encampments).  Ancient Ones events are often confused with what is called a reenactment. There is a BIG difference between the two. A reenactment is usually based on a specific battle or narrow time period. A living history encampment covers a broader time period and is not focused on battle. These people stayed for the weekend.  They cooked over an open fire and slept there in there canvas tents - even in the pouring rain!
During the day they were more that happy to show me all their stuff and explain it when I had a question or two. They let me shoot a blank load out of a blunderbuss, and throw a tomahawk & a knife. They offered me some mystery meat, I still don't know what it was, but it was good. I learned more that day than during all of the history classes I took in school!
This group adopted me that day, and now they can't get rid of me!
So What Are Living History Reenactors?
Just some of the best people that you would ever hope to meet. They sacrifice a lot to keep history alive and well. I am Proud to be one of them (Funny Dressed People).

The pic above is Me and my wife Dogeye in front of our humble abode at the Ancient Ones Vous.