Public Demo done Ancient Ones style

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The Ancient Ones of Maine, are more than a private club.

We also do, what we call Demo's.  A demo is when we set up a real Living History Camp, of the late 1700's - 1800's. Where do we do this you may ask????

Well we have done them at Windsor and Cumberland County Fairs. The Towns of Andover and Bethel, Ellsworth, Mt. Vernon, and many many more.

We do Parades and salute's.

Here we are getting ready for a Welcome Home Troops Parade. We are avalible to liven up your centenial event, or home town festival. With either a full camp, or a march in your parade. A full camp consists of about 4 to 6 camps, each with canvas tent,or teepee, and everyone is in full dress of the period. We have demonstrations going on all day long, such as fire starting, cooking, trading, tommahawk throwing, flint knapping, flintlock muskets, and the like.

When we show up, we are there for the entire time too!! It is really a true Living History Camp, and we stay there overnite, if it is a weekend ,or multi day event.

Teaching as we entertain.

The young ones, as well of the old , can learn a few things from a colonial gent.  Here George demonstrates the art of fire starting, with a flint and steel, to a couple of young folks. This is the type of hands on experiance that you get with The Ancient Ones. We never get tired of showing what History was REALLY LIKE.

Interaction is the key to what we do.

Here we were set up at Winsor Fair 2005, this is our 8th year at the fair. We are one of the few groups that offer a real hands on interaction with the public. You can go into the Teepee, you can sample the food, you can handle the muskets,, and maybe do some trading too. We have trade goods with us that we display and sell on ocassion. Most of witch are made by the person you are talking too. There is always a tommahawk throwing demo that you may try if you like.

So if you like History and want more Bang for your buck, at your event, then we are the club for you.

We are a non profit club, and all proceeds go to the club, not the people attending, and we are fully insured.

Our prices range from, Free to not free.

If you would like to find out more, and get a price quote for your event contact me, and I will gladly help you all I can.

We are currently taking demo dates for 2007

Thanks Gomer