Gomers Movie Room... Spielberg..eat your heart out :)

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 In this room, I will post some short movies, from time to time.  Most of the clips will be related to What The Ancient Ones do as a club. A few will be of something that I think you will enjoy.

 I will use You Tube as a host for most of then. It is a very easy site to post on, and is very safe for users to access. It also requires that I do not have to rite special code, and thats a good thing!!!!!

I hope you like this Room.

Thanks Gomer

Ok.......... Here is the first one.

It is of me, Gomer, showin off throwin hawks at the clubs Outdoors Sports Show, that we held in The Augusta Armory on Feb 25-25 2007.

I will post a few clips of me teaching folks to throw, some of them are funny.


Here is one takin at the same show. This one shows me tryin to show a young lady, how to throw. The ending is great!!!!!!!!!!Hey ya win some, ya lose some!!!!!! Check it out.


Here is one that is set to music that a friend of mine did for the club years ago. Sorry but it skips alittle, I will change it when I get a new copy.


Here are some of us doing The Old Tyme Apron Dance, around the fire.The first music is wildfire and Shoot the Moon playing. The second is a song that I thought was fitting for the Dance.


Here is the first in a series, of woodswalks that we do. This is the Knife n Hawk walk, as you will see we don't take ourselves too seriously. But we stick quite a few, and do have alot of fun.


Here is one that I did at our 2008 Fall Vous. It is a funny way of saying thanks to Roy, for building The Cuitlahac Rifle. Check out the Cuitlahac Rifle room for the details.


Here is one more from the Fall 2008 Vous. We had a Lobsta Feed for our Satt. nite pot luck suppa. The vid is how we did it.


Here is one that I did just for fun.

This one has nothing to do with The Ancient Ones.

I got bored one day and decided to have some fun on a winters day in my back yard. I took an old cast iron bath tub and made a hot tub out of it. Of course I did it The Ancient Ones way!!!!