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This is the comunication room in The Cave. From here you will be able to link up with sites that I think you will enjoy.

Remember the days that the only way to keep in touch was to do this! Well we have come

a long way, am I sure that is a good thing? I DUNNO

We're on Facebook!


We have a Message Board!  If you just want to view the board you can do that as a guest. If you want to post a reply or start a new thread, you MUST register. Just go to the site, register with a username, e-mail address, and password and you are good to go! You may start your own thread on any topic that you like as long as it is legal and clean. Enjoy all!


Maine Trapping Messageboard -If ya got any questions about trappin then, this is the place to go. Lots of info. Hillbilly Hosts a room there called Traditional living.Check it out.