The Demo Room

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Winsor Fair Demo

Here is some of the gang at Winsor Fair, having there photo taken. My Brother took these for me. The first one was us in a natural pose, and the second one, is what happens when they take toooooo longgggg snapping the photo.

He will be quicker next time, I bet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sure you can take a picture, but ya better not take too long!!!!

Below are some pics of the Winsor Fair Demo.............

It was a great time as usual, and even the weather was great. Well sort of,,,,,,,,, it rained just enough to get our tents wet just before we packed it in.

Thanks to all that attended, see you at the next one!!!

COME ON #@$% &* work you stupid machine!!!

She is gonna slap me for posting that one!!!!!!!!!!!!! She actually made some nice weaving on that contraption, great demo!

If I sand out anymore mistakes, it will be a pistol stock!!!

Above is No touch hole, doing a demo on gun stock carving. After a few glitches it came out nice. Great Demo Terry.

Hey Brokin Ear, get me somemore char cloth, Quick!!!!!!!!!

Above is Gomer, doing a fire starting demo. I  started 30 fires that day.I bet, and so did a lot of other members too. It is a hit wherever we go. That is Brokin Ear behind me supervising, he is good at it to!!!!!

Beauty and The Beast,,,,,, you pick um.

Above are Nitwit and his lovely wife Swollen Fist. They set up there tepee, wow bet that is not close to the rite spellin, and spent the whole day explaining it and giving tours. There set up is always a hit at these demo's, everyone wants to go inside and see how the Indians lived.

Yes I am the Booshway,,,,,, why ??? You want the job??????

Above is our fearless leader Hillbilly. He spent the whold day doing a demo on how to fit a tip on your ramrod. He aint fast,,,,, but he gets things done. Everyone thought he was makin Arrows!!!!!!!

Here is a pic of Tim Douglass, in the foreground ducking for cover, as northwoodmom checks out her new gun for size!

We had a great turnout this time, but we still need more help with these demo's. So please try to attend one if you can, and show your support for the club!!

Thanks to all those that attended, and helped raise funds for the club.