Smoked Shoulder Memorial Award

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This room will be dedicated to one of our members, who recently became a true Ancient One.

Smoked Shoulder, as he wanted us to refer to him as, was a dear, and beloved member. of The ancient Ones. He will be Missed. With that said .........He will never be forgotten.

We as a club have started The Smoked Shoulder Award. It is to be given to each years winner of the Hawk n Knife woodswalk. Each year the winners name will be engraved on a knife that we have. ( It is engraved with the first years winner, and very soon I will pick it up and post some pics of it and this years winner). It just happens to be Nitwit. Yep the same one that won the Cuitlahac rifle. He got lucky this year and won about everything that he entered.
Later Gomer
Click on the pics to enlarge them!

This is Smokes little buddy that he brought to every Rendezvous that he went to. Here he is waring Smokes Booshway Gorghett, and his powda horn, and of course a breech clout. Smoke always wore one, and I still ware one that he gave me, it is silk lined to. He did have good taste.

Below are some pics. of the Smoked Shoulder Knife Award. It was engraved by our member No Touch Hole. It was hard to photograph, and it reads......Annual Smoked Shoulder Memorial Award Knife and Hawk Woodswalk.

The first winner 2008 Nitwit.

The knife was made by a member of the Widow Makers Club, and I will get his name, and post it. Smoke was a loved member of The Widow Makers also. They are another Pre. 1840 club.

We bought this knife at a benefit auction that Nitwit set up to help Smoke with expenses, due to his illness.

They say that you are never forgotten, if people speak your name. This is The Ancient Ones way of keeping Smoked Shoulder with us always.

Here is a pic of Nitwit, the first winner of this award. He is holding the Cuitlahac Rifle. I will get one of him holding the knife soon.

Smoked never liked his picture taken, and I have very few of him. So I did the next best thing........I stole them, well acquired them anyway, from The Widow Makers site. Thanks for the pics guys!!!!!!!. The first one is of him cooking, and man could he cook. His upside down pineapple chocolate cake was a favorite of mine.

The second is just of him being Smoke.

I miss you buddy...............