The Cuitlahac Rifle Award

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The Cuitlahac Rifle

What is Cuitlahac?                                                                        He was Aztec emperor Montezuma's nephew.
Cuitlahac, translates from the Nahuatl language as "plenty of excrement. ...
That describes the AO's well and should be honored in our leadership.
This Award was the brainchild of Doc. and a good friend of his Roy.

What it amounts to is this.......The winner of this coverted award, get his name engraved into the butplate, and must compete at our events, and hunt with it for a year. The next year it passes on to someone else, and so on. The winner was picked by Doc, and Roy. Each year the winner gets a vote and so on.

The pics below are of the Cuitlahac Rifle, Custom built for us by Roy Stroh, the parts were donated by Doc, as was the horn, shooting bag, and a few other goodies.

On Behalf of All The Ancient Ones,I would like to say Thanks to you both, for creating this award.

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Here it is, I will get a better pic later.

Nice work Roy!

I hope I have enough excess excrement to win this one day!

Here is Doc, presenting this years winner NITWIT, with The Cuitlahac.

I think he likes it. Congrats Nitwit you lucky Bastard!

Here is Roy. Shooting a Wall Gun that he built..

If you want a Quality muzzleloader built, you can't go wrong having Roy build it. Here is the link to his site. Chexk it out.

The first winner of this award is Nitwit. He has been a member of the ANCIENT Ones from the very beginning. His camp name is Nitwit because, well,,,,,,, he is a Nitwit. He has done alot for the club over the years, and our Rendezvous site is on his land, all 89 acres of it. He is never afraid to speak his mind,and is always ready to lend a helping hand. Thanks for all that you have done for us Nitwit, you deserve this award.