The Ancient Ones Horn...Tribute to those that have passed.

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Here you will find,some pictures, and info on Members that are no longer with us, but not ever forgotten.

First let me tell you a little about The Horn. When one of our members, passes on, his or her name is placed on the horn, in tribute to them as Ancient Ones.

Each year we do a 4 winds ceremony, that is a tribute to them, mother earth, and the 4 winds, north, south, east, and, west. There names are read aloud, and folks can say a few words if they like. If someone speaks your name, you will never be forgotten, someone once said. How true that is!!!!!

I have been Keeper of The Horn for years now, and have seen to many names added. That is the Bad side. Here is the Good side. As keeper of the horn I take it to as many Vous, and events that I can, and when ever we do a shooting volly, we use powder form The Horn. So that those of us that have passed can still be a part of what we do. The horn hangs on my camp pole, so they can be a part of camp, and folks can stop by and say hi, or just remember the good times.

It is a good feeling knowing that Someday my name will be there too, and I will always be a part of The Ancient Ones.

Gomer...... Ancient One and Keeper of The Horn.

The Ancient Ones Tribute Horn

Harold Kelly...........Harold was the kindest man I have ever known. Always had a big smile, and a hot cup of coffee, to offer you. The man would give you the shirt off his back, and expect nothing in return. One of my fondest memories of Harold, was at the 98 Northeastern rendezvous, when he came out of his tent wearing nothing more than a breachclout. It was a site to behold that I will never forget!!! I still ware his Capote, that his wife Fern gave me after he passed, when I was cold and wet oneday. Every time I put it on, I Think of him, and the good times we had. Harold will never be forgotten.

Smoked Shoulder,( Clyde Cushing )............ Smoke was a great guy, that loved to cook, and man was he good at it too. We all looked foward to his Chocolate, Cherry, Pinaple,upside down cake, around the evening fire. Always cooked in a Dutch Oven, and always Gobbled up, to the last crumb. I actually gave him his name of Smoked Shoulder, when he had a little accident at a vous, and fell shoulder first into his fire pitt, hence the name. Smokes ashed are actually buried at our site, thats how much the Ancient Ones ment to him. I still ware the Breachclout that he so kindly gave me when mine finally rotted off,of me lol He had good taste,as it is SILK lined,mmmm comfy!!! Smoked Shoulder will never be forgotten.

PackRat (Sandy Smith).....PackRat was a man that loved the outdoors, his family, and shooting. He always brought a Lot of stuff with him to vous, and where ever he went, Hence the name PackRat. he was always there to help out at work partys,and around camp. A kind hearted, soft spoken man, that could shoot either a smoothbore, or a rifle with the best of them. he built a campacrosst the meadow that he would go to when ever he had some spare time. A true outdoorsman was he, and he loved to take his kids with him, weather they wanted to go or not lol. I spent some of the best times shooting with PackRat at our rendezvous. I don't think I ever beat him either. One of the times I will never forget, was the time he had a sore shoulder on his shooting arm. instead of just saying,, Sorry I can't shoot today, he shot left handed, and only using his left arm. Not an easy task to shoot only using one arm. Guess what????? He did well too. Much to my dissmay lol, He beat me with basically one hand behind his back!!!! I miss his dry sence of humor, and his always smiling face.. PackRat will never be forgotten

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